Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – Fashion Editorial for BusinessWoman Magazine March 2020 I shot this back in February before any of the Covid lockdown stuff happened but it seems now so fitting for a weird period time when we all had to stay indoor, interacted through internet. Creative Director: HIEPLEDUC Photo: RIN TRAN Model: LE THANH THAO […]

Beauty In The Painting

BEAUTY IN THE PAINTING – Fashion Editorial for Businesswoman Jan/Feb 2020 Creative Director: HIEPLEDUC Photo: LINH B52 Stylist: ĐỖ ĐĂNG KHOA Model: QUỲNH ANH, LINH SUGAR, CÔNG TOÀN, BÉ HẢI NGUYÊN Make up: TẮC TẮC Hair: HIỀN NGUYỄN Producer: VY TRẦN Assistant: HOÀNG KHANG  

Into The Future

Into The Future – Fashion Editorial for Nu Doanh Nhan September 2018 – Creative Director: Hiep Le Duc – Photo: Trần Chân Như (Rin Trần) – Make up : Đặng Trí Viễn – Model: Mộng Le Phan Mong Tuyen – Stylist: Sid Chung – Costume: Thuỷ Design House, Phan Tuyền – Props: Lâm Minh Trung […]