I was asked to be the art director for Isaac’s MV “Cat Em Vao Tam Tu” last year. The idea of the MV is inspired by Japanese kitsune, a nine tails fox god. I created looks, set pieces for the MV and also did the promotional poster & graphics for this project. Art Director: HIEPLEDUC […]


I was Creative/Art Director for the promotional campaign of Vietnamese feature film “KIEU”. The movie was based on a very famous work of renowned poet Nguyen Du which told the story about the life of KIEU. Here are the works from that campaign. Creative Director: HIEPLEDUC Art Director: HIEPLEDUC Graphic by HIEPLEDUC Photographed by NICK […]

Quỳnh Hoa Nhất Dạ

This shoot is for Quynh Hoa Nhat Da film which will come out next year. The movie is a history drama about Duong Van Nga, a woman in Vietnam history. Creative Director: HIEPLEDUC Art Direction: HIEPLEDUC Photo: TANG TANG Set up: LAM MINH TRUNG Costume by THUY DESIGN HOUSE Client CJ HK ENTERTAINMENT

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – Fashion Editorial for BusinessWoman Magazine March 2020 I shot this back in February before any of the Covid lockdown stuff happened but it seems now so fitting for a weird period time when we all had to stay indoor, interacted through internet. Creative Director: HIEPLEDUC Photo: RIN TRAN Model: LE THANH THAO […]

Covid-19 Poster

I designed this poster back in March when Vietnam government asked people to pratice Social Distancing to prevent Covid-19. The big line reads “To stay at home is to love your country” which is a new take on a quote by Ho Chi Minh. It was originally just a personal project but then it went […]

Beauty In The Painting

BEAUTY IN THE PAINTING – Fashion Editorial for Businesswoman Jan/Feb 2020 Creative Director: HIEPLEDUC Photo: LINH B52 Stylist: ĐỖ ĐĂNG KHOA Model: QUỲNH ANH, LINH SUGAR, CÔNG TOÀN, BÉ HẢI NGUYÊN Make up: TẮC TẮC Hair: HIỀN NGUYỄN Producer: VY TRẦN Assistant: HOÀNG KHANG  

Quoc Thien – Uyen Linh – Phuong Linh

Singer Quoc Thien asked me to create a vintage-inspired photoshoot to accompany this newest DUETS album so I conceived a photoshoot based on vintage television music/variety shows setting. Love the tackiness of it. QUOC THIEN/UYEN LINH/PHUONG LINH Creative Director: HIEPLEDUC Photo: RIN TRAN Stylist: DINH THANH LONG Set up: LAM MINH TRUNG